Here at CANIS we believe that dog training should be a personalized experience specifically tailored to the needs of your dog and your family. In a very busy city like Los Angeles, time is a precious commodity and finding a trainer that can show you how to spend that time wisely will help you add “Awesome Dog Parent” to your resume.

If you are interested on having a private trainer coach you through your dogs behaviors, and how to solve problems yourself then private training is the option for you.. The attention to focus on your dogs specific needs always ensures that we see faster results. Your trainer is there to answer any questions or concerns that you might have so you can meet your goals with confidence.

We have several specialists to choose from:

  • Puppy Specialists
  • Leash and Obedience Specialists
  • Anxiety/Impulsivity/and high drive Specialists
  • Reactivity Specialists
  •  Behavior Specialists
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