Technically all training is effecting your dogs behavior in some shape or form, however there is a difference between obedience and behavior training.

When dog owners think of dog training, they usually think of Obedience training such as SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME ect. However we have met with and trained plenty of dogs that ” Know Commands” that still have horrible Behavior.  Unfortunately your dogs recognition of words and commands does not ensure that your dog will grow up to have good mental health. So many things can effect your dog’s perception of the worlds and to the untrained eye can be seem very confusing. One of the most crucial parts of training and raising our our pets is understanding what makes them tick.

Unfortunately not all behaviors can be taken at face value, and often are just symptoms of underlying issues.

Our specialist Brent LaBrada will analyze your dog’s behavior and environment while also getting to know more about your experience, goals, and desired lifestyle for your pet. Once we complete an in-person consultation, the coaching and training process can commence with a clear vision and effective game plan.

Our behavior consulting program allows us to customize an individual approach and curriculum that addresses the root of your dog’s behavioral problems, rather than just the symptoms.