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Brent LaBrada


Brent LaBrada has been a dog trainer for 14 years. His passion began while volunteering at the dog shelter where he met many dogs who clearly needed help and he was determined to learn how to do it. After years building up the training department at one of Los Angeles’s premier dog training facilities, he branched out in 2016 to consult for other trainers and animal rescues. He is the founder of CANIS Behavior and Training, co-founder of The Dog Trainers Podcast, and founder of The CANIS Foundation.

Brent LaBrada has been pushing the dog training world forward for the last 12 years. He has trained thousands of dogs in the greater Los Angeles area, including many who had been deemed “untrainable.” After years building up the training department at one of Los Angeles’s premier dog training facilities, in 2016 he founded his own training and consulting company, CANIS Behavior and Training. He didn’t stop there! He’s the co-founder of The Dog Trainers Podcast and the founder of The CANIS Foundation. Brent is dedicated to educating the community on the nuances of dog behavior.

Since the age of 18, Brent LaBrada has been dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their families. After volunteering at the local animal shelter, Brent moved into the field of dog training in order to help those dogs in need. For 10 years, Brent was integral in revamping the training programs and services at one of Los Angeles’ premier dog training facilities. In 2016, he created his own training and consulting company, CANIS – Behavior and Training to help educate dog trainers as well as dogs. Within the last year, he also founded The CANIS Foundation whose mission is to rescue dogs through the power of training and education. Brent’s latest passion project is co-founding the Dog Trainers Podcast to energize and inform the new generation of dog trainers. Brent devotes his life to bettering the lives of all dogs and the people who care for them.

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Kyle Adkins


I’m Kyle Adkins and I’m from Calvert County, Maryland. Like many dog lovers, I fell in love as a child. My Grandfather gave me my first dog, a Dalmatian named Shamrock, who quickly became my best friend. Flash forward to adulthood, I felt extremely unfulfilled in a variety of work fields, so I decided it was time to find something I was passionate about. I enrolled in the dog training program at Animal Behavior College and never looked back. In 2021, I rescued my Orly from the Dawg Squad after she went through our training program here at CANIS. Her strong, expressive personality and natural cuddle ability have made her the best addition to my life!

Christiana Stoner


I’m Christiana Stoner and I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to my family, I have been extremely interested in anything fluffy, furry, and feathered since I was two years old. We’ve always had dogs growing up and I began riding horses at age 7. Dogs and horses will always be a huge part of my life. I began my animal career path as an exam room technician at an animal hospital. While the medical side was fascinating, I realized I wanted to dive deeper into dog behavior and psychology. I love the challenge that dog training presents. There are so many different techniques and styles and it’s so satisfying being able to find the correct way to get through to a dog. I’ve always been drawn to animals that need a little extra help to be truly understood. I have three fur children myself, Charles, a 12 year old Miniature Poodle, Snoop, a 1 year old Pitbull, and Birdie, a 1 year old Havanese Mix. I spend my free time horseback riding, specifically dressage, on my handsome Apollo, a Friesian cross.

Rachel Laird

Administrative Assistant

I’m Rachel Laird and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been involved in the pet world since high school, starting in the pet store industry, then in 2012 discovering the dog training industry. I grew up with Dobermans and loved sharing with people who thought they were intimidating just how kind, gentle, and loving they were. Working in this industry has taught me so much about both animal and human behavior and showed me just how connected we really are. I truly love connecting with our clients and figuring out the best ways that we can help them.

Bethany Williams


I’m Bethany Williams and I’m from Victorville, California. I’ve been obsessed with dogs since childhood and always dreamed of working with them as an adult. I was so interested in training that as a middle schooler, I took charge of training my dog to become a therapy dog! As a college student, sadly my dog still lives with my family, but I am really looking forward to having my own one day. I hope to have my own Pitbull, Irish Wolfhound, and Border Collie in the future. My absolute favorite part of this job is watching the dogs transform during their take over training programs, especially during our walks.

Melanie Gonzales


I’m Melanie Gonzalez and I’m from Los Angeles, California. My family got our first dog when I was 5 years old because my sister was begging for one. It turned out I was the one who would become obsessed with him! My mother also worked for a family with 8 Standard Poodles. My sister and I loved being a part of the poodle pack and playing with them all day. When I was entering the job market, I knew I wanted to work with animals but had no idea dog training was even an option. When I discovered an opening at CANIS, I knew I had to jump on it. Watching these dogs grow and seeing their confident personalities develop is my favorite part of dog training.

Shirin Farahani


I’m Shirin Farahani and I’m from Tehran, Iran. I’m a true extrovert and I love painting with acrylics, dancing and, obviously, dogs. I’ve loved dogs my whole life but my family never let us have one. Throughout childhood I spent my time learning about every single dog breed or spending time at the animal shelter imagining what my life would look like if I had “that” dog. The moment I turned 18, I picked a little Maltipoo mix up at the shelter. As luck would have it, that dog fell in love with my mom, so last year I got my first puppy. I have really been enjoying being able to sink myself into raising my Goldendoodle, Pretzel. Dog training is a true form of art, you can’t truly help a dog if you don’t understand their thoughts and motivations behind their every single move. Most young dog trainers make the mistake of thinking that obedience can solve all of the dogs behavioral problems, yet it’s the dog’s mind and decision making that we need to change not to teach commands.

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