Similar to the reigns of a horse, a dogs leash can be a very effective communication tool. However without proper leash training, it is very easy for our dogs to develop a LOVE/HATE relationship with their leash. It is crucial that our dogs do not look at their leash as something that “holds them back,” but more so as a tool that communicates to them what we want from them. In this class, you will learn how to teach your dog to walk perfectly at your side, stay focused on you, and respond verbally to all their basic obedience commands.

What makes this class vastly different from other courses in town, is the emphasis we put on distraction work. Practicing around distractions teaches our dogs how to make decisions in the real world. This lays the foundation for our next level of training which includes long term patience and impulse control.



LEVEL 2 (Intermediate) – OBEDIENCE –  PATIENCE, DISTRACTION, AND IMPULSE CONTROL (must pass Level 1 test)

LEVEL 2 is filled with a lot of surprises. This class is designed to condition and strengthen our dogs decision making skills around “Real World Distractions.” People, other dogs, skateboards, and noises are just a few of the distractions that we tackle in this series. We introduce obedience commands at farther distances to prepare for several off-leash training concepts. Learn to refine your dogs timing, speed, and consistency with their verbal commands. This course is perfect for students who would like their dogs to be reliably attentive and safe in public places, hiking trails, or other stimulating environments.

The level of obedience taught in this course is comparable to that of a therapy dog and service dog and can be considered as a preparatory course for the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen test and the Service Dog Public Access test.





Does your dog drag you down the street or lunge towards other animals? if so this focused leash training workshop will give you the tools, techniques and solutions to teach your dog to comfortably walk on a leash anywhere you go.



Self control is not skill that develops by its self. it must be taught, practiced, and made part of your everyday life. In this intensive workshop, you will learn how to harness your dogs, instincts, drive, and emotions in order to teach them healthy ways of coping with things that may make them “lose control”


Once you’ve established a clear system of communication with your dog, you are finally ready to begin changing your dogs unwanted behaviors. The most common being , jumping, barking, begging, and lunging just to name a few. This class focuses on how to deconstruct an unwanted behavior and build more desirable ones in their place. 
(You must have a foundation in leash training, and basic impulse control, before taking this workshop)



Group Classes: 

Basic – 6 Week Course

Saturdays @ 10:00am – Starting June 25, 2022

Intermediate – 6 Week Course





Mar Vista Recreation Center

11430 Woodbine St, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Workshops: (2 Weeks)

Leash Walking 

Saturday, June 4th & Saturday, June 11th – 9:00am-11:00am

Patience, Impulse Control, & Anxiety 

Saturday, July 2th & Saturday, July 9th – 9:00am-11:00am

Problem Solving

Saturday, August 6th & Saturday, August 13th – 9:00am-11:00am


Westwoof Dog Park 

11393 Veteran Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024P