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Let the dog experts, make you your dog’s expert” says founder Brent LaBrada. Having been a dog trainer and educator for over 10 years Brent’s passion has always been teaching people how to rethink their relationships with their animals. He believes that only through education and coaching can someone develop the confidence and knowledge it takes to successfully raise one, two, or even three dogs. “Education and coaching is the only way we learn to really master anything, our relationship with our dogs are no different…”

Many clients suffer from similar but still very unique circumstances:

  • I work too much
  • I feel bad
  • I need help
  • I don’t know what to do
  • This wasn’t this hard when I was a kid
  • plus many more…

” …everything is about relationships….your relationship to your job, to your family, or even your purpose. What is the “WHY?” behind it all?. Our relationship with our dogs are no different. Its so common for people to expect obedience, loyalty, and love from their pets with out ever working on their relationship. This logic won’t take you very far in human relationships , so why do we as people think that it will work with a dog who doesn’t even speak our language.”

If any of these issues ring true for you just know that help is only a phone call away. Behavior and training specialist Brent LaBrada can help you find a solution to your very common but still unique situation. 

Fill out the form below and receive a phone call from Brent with in a few hours. He looks forward to helping you !

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