The Journey Begins

Hi Everyone, My name is Brent LaBrada and I’m a behavior and training specialist for dogs and their humans. Casually, I tell people I’m a

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SPOTLIGHT Sign Up for Group Class! This month we’re starting a round of group classes! Intermediate classes just started, and beginner classes start this weekend.

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SPOTLIGHT– Share your Holiday Photos! For many of us the Holiday season always comes faster than we expect. This is a time for fall, family,

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SPOTLIGHT How to teach the perfect sit! FAQ- Why is my dog good on leash but not off leash? Welcome back! As some of you

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FAQ– How do I know if my dog is spoiled? Here’s a simple test. First, get a piece of paper and list everything your dog expects

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FAQ– Why does my dog chew everything? Generally, chewing is a result of absolute boredom and happens more often when the dog is left unattended or

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