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My name is Brent LaBrada and I’m a behavior and training specialist for dogs and their humans. Casually, I tell people I’m a “dog trainer,” but at my level of experience the challenge is much greater than teaching dogs basic commands. I’ve always been focused on understanding the “whys?” of the dog-human experience. Over the years I have , ingested, dissected, and regurgitated knowledge from a vast library of mentors, books, seminars, workshops, and most importantly, my over 3 thousand clients. I am talking about the 4-legged clients, of course. Every dog I’ve trained has taught me something new. Over 10 years I’ve been able to refine my skills and knowledge to a degree of mastery. I’ve learned, practiced, and taught almost every discipline of dog training that exists in this generation. My background has given me opportunities to be an instructor for dog trainers and help them cultivate better service and careers.

You could call my last 10 years in the industry my “work study program.” I’m not done learning, but it’s finally time to make a difference in this industry. It starts here and now with my new company. Welcome to CANIS.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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  1. You are very very intuitive, open-hearted, sensitive and love what you do. You are great and will do great!!!!!

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